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    • Resurrection Casket Spray
      The Resurrection Casket Spray inspires thoughts of comfort and peace to those wishing to pay their respects for the loss of the deceased. White tulips, roses, snapdragons, Oriental lilies, larkspur, carnations and Monte Casino asters are accented by the bright green stems of Bells of Ireland and an assortment of the finest lush greens to create the perfect arrangement to display on the top of their casket during their final farewell service. Approximately 40"W x 24"D.
    • Exquisite Tribute
      The Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray is an elegant display of sweet serenity. White roses, Asiatic lilies, chrysanthemums and mini carnations are artfully arranged amongst emerald palm fronds and lush greens. Accented by white satin ribbon and standing on a wire easel, this standing spray is an outstanding way to honor the life of your loved one. SMALL spray is approximately 32"H x 20"W. MEDIUM spray is approximately 33"H x 21"W. LARGE spray is approximately 34"H x 22"W.
    • peaceful memories
      The Peaceful Memories Casket Spray is a gorgeous way to commemorate the faith and devotion of the deceased. White carnations are arranged in the shape of a cross accented in the middle with white roses and spray roses, and along the sides with lush greens, to create a lovely casket spray that brings peace and solace to those that attend their final farewell. Approximately 31"H x 22"W.
    • Splendid Grace
      The  Splendid Grace: Casket Adornment is a sweet and elegant tribute to a life well-lived. A perfect remembrance presented from the children of the family, this casket adornment consisting of three white spray roses surrounded by baby's breath, will add to the beauty and grace of their memorial service. Approximately 8"H x 7"W.
    • Elegant Remembrance
      The  Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart is an exquisite display of peace and love. 77 Stems of white roses are artfully arranged in the shape of a heart and presented on a wire easel, creating a simply beautiful tribute for their final farewell service. Approximately 24"H x 22"W.
    • Eternal Affection
      The Eternal Affection Arrangement is a peaceful offering of heartfelt sympathy. White gladiolus, Peruvian lilies, carnations, mini carnations and lush greens are beautifully arranged in a round whitewash handled basket to create a beautiful display of soft serenity. SMALL basket includes 13 stems. Approximately 15"H x 12"W. MEDIUM bouquet includes 17 stems. Approximately 18"H x 14"W. LARGE bouquet includes 21 stems. Approximately 20"H x 15"W.
    • Treasured Tribute
      The  Treasured Tribute Wreath offers peaceful wishes of heartfelt sympathy with each delicate bloom. Bright white roses, Asiatic lilies, mini carnations and cushion poms are beautifully arranged to form an elegant wreath accented wth lush and vibrant greens. Displayed on a wire easel, this gorgeous tribute is a wonderful symbol of eternal life and sweet serenity. Approximately 22" in diameter.
    • Cherished Friend Bouquet
      The Cherished Friend Bouquet offers comfort and sympathy in the time of grief and loss. Bright white roses and Peruvian lilies are accented by lush greens and gorgeously arranged in a clear glass gathering vase to create a bouquet that will bring peace and show how much you care. SMALL bouquet includes 14 stems. Approximately 18"H x 12"W. MEDIUM bouquet includes 20 stems. Approximately 19"H x 13"W. LARGE bouquet includes 26 stems. Approximately 22"H x 15"W.
    • morning stars
      The  Morning Stars Arrangement is a brilliant expression of peace and soft serenity. White roses, carnations, gladiolus, stock and Oriental lilies are accented with the bright green stems of Bells of Ireland and a gorgeous assortment of lush greens, while seated in a designer plastic urn to create a beautiful way to honor the life of the deceased. SMALL arrangement includes 31 stems. Approximately 36"H x 30"W. MEDIUM arrangement includes 43 stems. Approximately 40"H x 32"W. LARGE arrangement includes 55 stems. Approximately 45"H x 36"W.
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